Friday, March 30, 2012

Day 3 (29 March 2012) Attack Phase PP

Current weight - 69.7kg
Weight Loss - 0.5 kg

Wow..again another 0.5 lost - Alhamdulillah...i weight in when I woke up and it was 70.1 (only 0.1 kg lost!) but before I left for work..I weight in again a few times...and it shows 69.7 another day to come...with higher motivation!

Omelette - 1 egg

Chicken Tandoori

Chicken Soup

2 yogurt - 0 fat, 1% sugar

For exercise I climb up 8 flight of stairs and again I felt like fainting ;(

I must say day 3 is very challenging for me and I have to take 2 yogurst (1 in the mid morning and 1 in the mid afternoon) to compensate for my headache - lack of sugar + migraine...0.5 kg is not bad at all...but tomorrow I try to ease down on the yogurt since I have friend coming for lunch at the office...eating out...scaryyy!

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