Monday, May 14, 2012

Week 4-7 (24 April - 14 May 2012) - Cruise Phase PP+PV

Current weight - 64.5kg
Weight Loss - 2.4 kg

Great number after all the 'cheats' during the weekends! But hey, I can't give up now...I can't cheat now! My true weight is 56.7 (57kg) and I still have...let's see...around 8 more kilos to goooo....wuuuhuuuuuuu!! Ganbatte Adeshi san!  Lost 7.5kg so far :) in 2 months++!

What I would like to share is my frustration and happiness during this 4 weeks...yes I haven't been updating this blog weekly lately because sometimes I feel bad when the scale is showing some numbers that I hate to see...and since I have maintain the 64-65 kg range this few days..I think (and probably confident enuff to blog) this is the stable weight for this week onwards...

I am targeting 63kg next week : ) Wish me luck..I think I need to push more on the exercise's only a once a week jog and a couple of sit ups daily! I know I can do better...

I hope...I wish...and I be 57kg by the time of my bday...24th June 2012...and that will be the BEST bday gift ever I have given myself..! Not everyday a young lady turns 30 :) why not celebrate it with a weight loss that I would have never imagine doing it successfully!!

I love :)

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