Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Week 3 (17 April 23 April) - Cruise Phase PP+PV

Current weight - 66.9kg
Weight Loss - 0.5 kg

Just 0.5kg?? I can do better than this!! But yes, again I admit that I have my bad and good days throughout the 3rd week...probably I ate too much yogurt...drank too much milk and stuff...but hey, it's Dukan diet, you can always make amend when you slipped your way through!! So I have learnt my lesson (maybe few) and at least I have lost 0.5kg...! If I have stick to the diet more careful, I might have lost 1kg instead! 
Next week will be a challenge..I am not putting any hope on losing any...I am happy if I can maintained this for next week as I have a beach holiday getaway!! Being on holiday...I can imagine how hard it is to maintain a diet programme...so...dear me, please do understand!

Since it's a month anniversary for my Dukan programme :) Let's recap my starting weight vs current weight....roaaarr...

Day 1 (27 March 2012) Attack Phase PP
Current weight - 72kg
Weight Loss - 0 kg

I started on 27th March....and weighted 72kg... :)

And now....drumrollll

Current weight - 66.9kg
Weight Loss -  5.1kg

In 1 month...I have lost 5.1kg!! pretty amazing don't u think?  So let's start now now now people!
Anybody interested in this diet can always drop me a comment and I will try my best to help (ok, now I sounded like a consultant....)

Take care people...
Love yourself!

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