Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Week 2 (10 April 16 April) - Cruise Phase PP+PV

Current weight - 67.4kg
Weight Loss - 0.9 kg

So I am moving to 2nd week of Cruise Phase...it was a lil' bit easier this week as maybe my body has already give up on the fact that it might get carb or sugar...lol...it just give up! I ate vege + chic with more ease!!!  Once the veggie is in the menu, the diet gets more easier!!   And not to mention, I have 'cheated' a few days in Week 2...let's check the list of crimes that I did :

1- I did not alternate PP & PV..instead i go with PV for 3-4 days (no weight loss!)
2- I get back on track and do PP for 2 days (weight actually reduced to 67.1kg on Saturday!!)
3- After 67.1kg on Saturday, and I was at my hometown I ate Sate for dinner (loads of sugar i assume) and in the morning I had a dinner bun for bfast as I was so hungry..no other alternative stuff to eat (theres only fried meehun-nono) and I was having period pain and needed to eat before I take my meds

So that's the cheat!! And now I am on day 2 or PP again to get the numbers reduced back as this week target is 66kg....today weighted at 67.4kg and I really really hope that by next Monday I am 66kg!!

Wish me ALL the luck in the world!!


Cik Sar said...

wht.sungguh jeles ok .. kire ok la tu.. frm 70 kg to 67 kg...jeles sangat ni...

Adeshi said...

Sar...correction...from 72kg on 1st day till 67.4kg now after 3 weeks...weeeeeeeee